O&M Data Archive | Scheldemonitor

Welcome to the internal page for the task force Research and Monitoring Scheldt estuary (O&M). This virtual space offers an online environment where documents like reports and calendars can be saved and shared.

The E-room has different domains:

Domains that were replaced by the VNSC Cloud are:

Project management : For the administrators of the task force.
This is where all the information and reports on meetings is kept.

Projects : For everone involved in the task force.
Each project group has its own folder where notes on meetings and reports can be kept. All administrative and informative documents can be consulted here. 

Domains that are used to archive the data files form the MONEOS program.

O&M Archive: In this archive all MONEOS monitoring data is stored: original files from data providers

T2009 Archive: Data files related to the T2009 evaluation

T2009 Archive: Data files related to the T2015 evaluation


Consulting documents on the O&M Data Archive?

Access to the O&M Data Archive requires a login and password. Depending on the function within the project specific rights within the folders will be given.
New in the task force or forgot your password? Contact ScheldeMonitor.