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Nevlas (02MM19): Carbon and nitrogen cycling in the Western Scheldt, The Netherlands [Koolstof- en stikstofcycli in de Westerschelde]
Andersson M., Soetaert K. 2005: Carbon and nitrogen cycling in the Western Scheldt, The Netherlands. Netherlands Institute of Ecology; Centre for Estuarine and Marine Ecology, Netherlands. Metadata available at

Archived data

Archived file:
Availability: Unrestricted
The data are freely available to anybody and may be used for any purpose. Usage acknowledgement may be required

Data were gathered in the framework of the project "Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in the Western Scheldt" on nutrient fluxes (nitrogen).

Water composition, Water composition > Bulk chemistry (e.g. pH, TCO2), Water composition > Nutrients
Brackish water, Carbon cycle, Nitrogen cycle, Quality, ANE, Belgium, West Coast, Den Oever, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Baalhoek, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Bath, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Breskens, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Hansweert, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Hoedekenskerke, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Perkpolder, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Schor van Waarde, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Terneuzen, ANE, Scheldt Estuary, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Antwerp, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Lillo, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Punt van Melsele, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Rupelmonde, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Temse, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Zandvliet

Geographical coverage
ANE, Belgium, West Coast, Den Oever Stations [Marine Regions]
Den Oever (DO)
Coordinates: Long: 5,1007; Lat: 52,5791 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde Stations [Marine Regions]
Enkhuizen (EH)
Coordinates: Long: 5,2357; Lat: 52,441 [WGS84]
Borsele (noordnol)
Coordinates: Long: 3,6998; Lat: 51,4172 [WGS84]
Ketelmeer (KM)
Coordinates: Long: 5,4318; Lat: 52,3584 [WGS84]
Lemmer (LE)
Coordinates: Long: 5,3252; Lat: 52,4689 [WGS84]
Medemblik (MB)
Coordinates: Long: 5,1264; Lat: 52,4968 [WGS84]
Rivier Ijssel (Ij)
Coordinates: Long: 5,5232; Lat: 52,3485 [WGS84]
Stavoren (ST)
Coordinates: Long: 5,1909; Lat: 52,5729 [WGS84]
Urk (UR)
Coordinates: Long: 5,3222; Lat: 52,3762 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Baalhoek Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,085; Lat: 51,3715 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Bath Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,2053; Lat: 51,3923 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Breskens Stations [Marine Regions]
SSvH Breskens
Coordinates: Long: 3,5663; Lat: 51,4127 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Hansweert Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,0197; Lat: 51,436 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Hoedekenskerke Stations [Marine Regions]
Boei 10 Hoedekenskerke
Coordinates: Long: 3,9214; Lat: 51,4173 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Perkpolder Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,0374; Lat: 51,4012 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Schor van Waarde Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,0353; Lat: 51,4262 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Terneuzen Stations [Marine Regions]
W20 Terneuzen
Coordinates: Long: 3,8244; Lat: 51,3489 [WGS84]
ANE, Scheldt Estuary [Marine Regions]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Antwerp Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,3936; Lat: 51,2249 [WGS84]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Lillo Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,2823; Lat: 51,2979 [WGS84]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Punt van Melsele Stations [Marine Regions]
Boei 105 - Punt van Melsele
Coordinates: Long: 4,3205; Lat: 51,2515 [WGS84]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Rupelmonde Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,319; Lat: 51,1291 [WGS84]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Temse Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,2283; Lat: 51,1191 [WGS84]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Zandvliet Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,2412; Lat: 51,3503 [WGS84]

Temporal coverage
15 April 2002 - 2 October 2005

19'-Butanoyloxyfucoxanthin, 19'-Hexanoyloxyfucoxanthin, Alanine, Alkalinity (pH), Alloxanthin, Alpha-Carotene, Ammonia (NH3), Ammonium (NH4+), Arginine, Asparagine, Aspartic acid, Beta-Alanine, Bicarbonate (HCO3-), C:N ratio (molair), Chlorophyll a, Chlorophyll a + allomer/isomer, Chlorophyll a + allomer/isomer chlorophyll a, Chlorophyll b, Chlorophyll b + allomer/isomer, Chlorophyll c1+2, D10 percentile for grainsize (Malvern), D90 percentile for grainsize (Malvern), D-Alanine, D-Aspartic acid, Depth (in meters salt water), D-Glutamic acid, Diadinoxanthin, Diatoxanthin, Dissolved organic carbon (DOC), Dissolved oxygen % saturation, Dissolved oxygen (O2), D-Serine, FAMES (fatty acid methyl ester), Fine sand fraction; PHI 3 - 2; 125-250 mu, Free phosphate concentration (PO43-), Fucoxanthin, Glutamic acid, Glutamine, Glutamine + Histidine, Glycine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Isotope %15N-NH3, Isotope %15N-NH4, Isotope C (total C), Isotope C- DIC, Isotope Carbon (C), Isotope N in gas, Isotope Nitrogen (N), Isotope N-NH4o/oo, Isotope N-NO3o/oo, Isotope O18, Isotope O18 from dissolved oxygen (O), Leucine, Lutein, Lysine, Median grainsize D50 from Malvern in mu, Median grainsize D50 from Malvern in PHI, Medium sand fraction; PHI 2 - 1; 250-500 mu, Methionine, Molar ratio C:N, Neoxanthin, Nitrate (NO3-), Nitrate (NO3-) + Nitrite (NO2-), Nitrate (NO3-) + Nitrite (NO2-), Nitrite (NO2-), Organic carbon (OC), Ornitine, Peridinin, Phaeophorbide a, Phaeophytin a, Phenylalanine, Phospholipid-derived fatty acids (PLFAs), Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), 400-700 nm, Prasinoxanthin, Salinity, Salinity (titrimetric with silver nitrate), Secchi depth, Serine, Silicon (Si) in water, Silt % <16 mu, Silt % <50 mu, Silt % <63 mu; PHI > 4, Solid particulate matter in water, Specific surface area, Standard deviation, Sulphate (SO42-) concentration, Sum Chlorophyll-c1+2, Sum Phaeophorbide a, Sum Phaeophorbide's a, Sum Phaeophytin a, Sum Phaeophytin's a, Taurine, Temperature, Threonine, Tide, Total hydrolysable phosphate (PO43-), Total nitrogen (N), Turbidity, Tyrosine, Urea in seawater, Valine, Very Fine sand fraction; PHI 4 - 3; 63-125 mu, Violaxanthin, Wetstar (Chlorophyll concentration), Zeaxanthin

Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee; NIOZ Yerseke, moredata owner

Carbon and Nitrogen cycling in the Westerschelde, more

Based on this dataset
Gribsholt, B. et al. (2005). Nitrogen processing in a tidal freshwater marsh: a whole-ecosystem 15N labeling study. Limnol. Oceanogr. 50(6): 1945-1959., more

Dataset status: Completed
Data type: Data
Data origin: Research: field survey
Metadatarecord created: 2007-04-12
Information last updated: 2009-10-08
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